About us


JUP Homes is a family-owned company that builds custom homes in Sydney

We work side-by-side with a wide range of highly qualified, fully licensed and insured sub-contractors. We have spent years building these professional relationships so that we are better able to serve our customers.
We are dedicated to building quality homes where your family will make memories.
When you’re ready to begin your home search, come see JUP Homes. We will find the perfect place for your family to call home!


JUP Homes is a family-owned company that builds custom homes in Sydney


Our primary goal is client satisfaction. This is achieved through our attention to your desires, transparency in our documentation and actions, and our commitment to quality. This creates an enjoyable construction process while delivering a customized living space that will last for years to come.


We believe that quality is achieved through excellence in project design, material selection, and craftsmanship. Quality new home construction therefore must: desire aesthetics, require functionality, demand efficiency, build for longevity, and limit environmental impact.


We are committed to maintaining an attitude and culture of excellence. This objective requires us to repeatedly evaluate, and improve ourselves and our performances. Yesterday's goals will become Today's achievements, and Tomorrow's standards. Our future depends on it.